Local tourism


Dare to reinvent yourself

  • Producers, restaurateurs or winemakers
  • Tourism promotion officers
  • Hotel and restaurant marketing managers

Thanks to the unique expertise of Bechamels

Diversify and increase your income by exploiting the tourist potential of your local gastronomic and agricultural heritage
Make you want to ! Stand out from the competition with original gastronomic offers that reinvent the territory. Get off the beaten track !
Attract foodies from all over France by ensuring the attractive promotion of your region to a clientele of French and foreign gourmets
Surprise the experts by regularly offering them new, unusual and high quality taste experiences

Our Services

From creation to promotion to innovation: work with specialists to become a quality food destination

In 2010, UNESCO registered the gastronomic meal of the French as an intangible heritage of humanity!   53% of the world’s leisure travelers are gastronomic travelers.   With the support of the World Food Travel Association, be recognized as a food destination of excellence and boost your attractiveness!
    • You are a city, a department, a region or an interregional collective
        • You want to boost the attractiveness of your destination
        • You want to support the economic activity of your producers, hoteliers, restaurant owners and craftsmen
        • You have recognized regional specialties and productions
        • You have craftsmen rooted in the local tradition
        • You have responsible and innovative local production techniques
        • Evaluation of your eligibility – 30 minute interview (free)
        • Accompaniment in the writing of the application file
        • Single point of contact with WFTA
        • Project management with WFTA (subject to acceptance of your application)
“Culinary capitals” is a program of the World Food Travel Association (WFTA) of which Bechamels is a member. Make an appointment : capitaleculinaire@bechamels.com More info : www.culinarycapitals.org

We accompany you in the conception and realization of a responsible, feasible and profitable tourist offer designed around your culinary culture.
      • Gîte or bed and breakfast? Wine tourism experience? Don’t miss out on the regulations in force !
      • Speed up your search for financing
      • Don’t choose the wrong project: launch the one that really fits the market and your resources
      • Easily design authentic and unique local experiences
        • Decision support – Market research and feasibility analysis
        • Accompagnement in the research and realization of your financing files
        • Project management – Coordination of your service providers and management of resources to bring your project to fruition
        • Tourism product development with an expert in tourism and the history of French gastronomy

Boost your reputation and the quality of your services.
    • Offer personalized services that your visitors will be proud to share with their community.
    • Focus on authenticity and excellence to meet your customers’ expectations at every stage of their visit.
    • Avoid errors of taste with foreign visitors and anticipate their expectations.
        • “Multicultural Hospitality” workshops with your “reception” and “room service” staff
        • Creation of a catalog of original culinary experiences to offer to your clients
        • Design and writing of welcome booklets (QR code and/or printed) for different visitor profiles
        • Training of your “reception” and “social networks” teams in complaint management
        • Help with the configuration of your reservation systems and customer relationship tools

Put in full the papillae and full the pupils! Gain visibility and notoriety.
    • Claim the brand image of your region and be authentic
    • Arouse the emotion and make people want to come to your house with a selection of media that look like you
    • Implement an editorial strategy simple and efficient. Save time in the production and distribution of content


        • Creation of your graphic universe – logo, fonts, color code
        • Website creation (WordPress)
        • Content writing through storytelling and copywriting
        • Production of paper documents
        • Natural referencing strategy or SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
        • Digital marketing strategy

Don’t give up on your projects because “digital” scares you. Modernize your offer easily thanks to digital.
  • You don’t have the skills to launch your digital transformation
  • You devote all your time to your core business
  • You want to increase your income with online sales
  • You want to save time by automating certain administrative tasks
  • You want to accelerate the development of your application
        • Digital Made Easy” training – Understand the basics of digital tools and language.
        • Benchmark of tools and personalized study – to help you make the choices adapted to your budget and your knowledge
        • Creation of website and e-commerce site
        • Digital project management
Béchamels is referenced in the European program DIGITOUR.

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Local tourism
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Local tourism

30 minutes of free advice for your project.

Why us ?

Local tourism
Bechamels is a member of the Word Food & Travel Association and referenced by the European Union programs Digitour et Tourbit.
Béchamels is a collective of professionals in the field of good living, good eating and good entertaining. We know the requirements and constraints of the professions that make the pleasure of the table and hospitality.
Our network includes specialized consultants with nearly 20 years of experience in project management, website and e-commerce creation and digital marketing.
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