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  • Cooking Schools, Hospitality Management
  • Hotel and restaurant professionals
  • Producers and craftsmen

Thanks to the unique expertise of Bechamels

Engage your learners to think together to more responsible travel and consumption patterns
Energize your courses with interactive and original animations that explore the French culinary heritage and its history
Don’t miss out on digital! Adopt best practices and learn to deploy tools specific to the hospitality sector
Invite students to explore cultures of taste to put empathy and respect back at the heart of the customer relationship

Our Interventions

Practical and fun workshops on the theme of gastronomy to train the tourism professionals of tomorrow

Develop a respectful and attentive customer service (thanks to gastronomy!)
    • Workshop “Tous à table” : Situations “around the table” to satisfy all types of customers.
    • Understand a multicultural environment
    • Mastering customer service related to taste cultures
    • Contextualize the concepts of “diversity”, “inclusiveness” and “accessibility
    • Improve customer satisfaction through the culinary experience
Public : Professionals, students at Bac +3 level, Master, MBA, VSE
Number of participants : From 12 people
Duration : 1 day
  • Workshop “Tout un plat” : Games and gourmet stories to promote local culinary culture
    • History(s) of French and regional gastronomy
    • Culinary trends
    • Introduction to storytelling* applied to local products
    • Development of practical cases based on the regional culture
Public : All audiences
Number of participants : From 12 people.
Duration : 1/2 day to 1 day
*Storytelling = Telling stories in order to sell a product or a brand image

Collaborative training to meet the challenges of the tourism and hospitality sectors
  • workshop “Innovation” : Mobilize collective intelligence around a sustainable and responsible culinary tourism project
    • Mapping a tourism ecosystem
    • Contextualize the concepts of “sustainability and “responsibility
    • Develop empathy and creativity
    • Learn about Design Thinking* and Agile project management
    • Mastering project management
Public : Tourism offer managers, Students level (Bac +3, Master, MBA)

Number of participants : from 12 people

Recommended duration : from 1 day

*Design Thinking = Design Thinking is a human-centered approach to innovation

Don’t miss the opportunity to succeed in your digital transformation.
Béchamels is referenced in the European program DIGITOUR. Any training in digital technology carried out by us can benefit from a funding of 1000 €! End of the call for projects on March 30th 2023 !
2 training courses to demystify digital technology and be autonomous in your projects :
  • Define your digital strategy : Know how to select and evaluate the tools and resources required to meet your needs.
  • Introduction to digital project management : Quickly master all the steps, solutions and management of a digital project.
    • Differentiate between “digital strategy” and “digital marketing
    • Master the numerical vocabulary (GDS, SEO, SEA, UX etc…)
    • Understanding digital sobriety
    • Evaluate digital solutions and providers
    • Plan and manage a digital project
  • Public : Management of tourist accommodation or restaurant, BTS, Master’s degree in tourism and hospitality management, CAP in the food industry
Number of participants per session : 25 people maximum
Recommended duration : from 1 day

30 minutes of free advice for your project.

Why us?

Pedagogical engineering,Educational engineering
Elise, the founder of Béchamels, also runs a master “Entrepreneurship and Business Development” in a Parisian business school and is a mentor for an online training platform
Her initial training (Political Science – International Relations), an international position for nearly 20 years and numerous trips make her a specialist multicultural relations
Very committed to the transmission of knowledge, Elise designs and leads educational workshops with the constant concern to promote respect, cooperation and interaction
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